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This is the site for the Nordic Juggling Convention 2006. The Nordic Juggling Convention 2006 was arranged in Jönköping on May 25 - May 28 2006.

The convention is over now! It was nice seeing all of the ones that made it to Jönköping, even if we would have loved to have twice the amount of people. As it is now, we had 90 people attending the convention. We did have a lot of nice workshops, games with an excellent set of prizes thanks to our sponsors. Additionally we had an excellent public show with many nice acts. Thanks to everyone involved!

Public Show Information
Information om Jongleringsföreställningen

We are now working to close the financial side of the operation and get some information together. For next year it is not firmly decided where the Nordic will be. Ida took the task of checking possibilities in the very south-most part of Sweden to see what that option means. At the business meeting it was decided that it would be nice to go to Denmark next year. Since there was only onew Danish guy at the meeting and he did no exactly vonlunteer, it did feel good to stick it onto him. If you are in Denmark and want to organize - contact us and we will discuss.

There are still some T-shirts available for sale. If you want one, you can mail us.

World Premieres!
9-1 Nordic Objects for sale!
It for sale at the Convention!
Launch of revolutionary torch
We saw it burn for almost 22 minutes!
Look sharp - New show
Was in our public show!
Traders at the convention
JBO Gögl
Fler bollar i luften

Oskar Wrangö was at the convention for the release of the juggling video 9-1 Nordic Objects. Everyone who made it here could buy the dvd exclusive before its international release.

Nordic Juggling Convention 2006 was supported by Jönköpings kommun

We also decided to open a new domain that will permanently contain the information on the
Nordic Juggling Convention.

In order to make it easier for us to spread continuos information on how the work around NJC 2006 is progressing, ask for help or just communicate, we have created a forum and an email list. On the forum, you can read and discuss about the convention. The email list will be used by us to keep you informed. You can register to the email list below.

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While we have your attention, we want to inform you about the Swedish and Danish national emaillist for juggling information that you can join below.

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