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Well, the idea is that we will post a workshop program at the convention where anyone who is able to give a workshop can post it. We will also have a wishlist there. Since we also know that a lot of people will ask us beforehand what workshops there will be, we figured we would use this site as a virtual place to post offers and request for workshops.

If you want to request a workshop to be given by someone else - please let us know! You can do this by posting a request in the forum.

If you want to offer a workshop, regardless of whether anyone has requested it yet - just tell us so! You can do that as well in the forum

Planned Workshops

Topic Level Leader
Siteswap Theory Beginner  
Passing Siteswaps Beginner Staffan+Fredrik
Causal Diagram Theory Beginner Staffan
Passing Siteswaps Intermediate Staffan+Fredrik
Feeding Siteswaps Intermediate Staffan+Fredrik+Kim+Annika
Warm-up and stretch for Jugglers All / Beginners Joacim
SiteSwaps 3-7 balls - theory and practice - part 1 theory Three balls required Pontus Uggla
SiteSwaps 3-7 balls - theory and practice - part 2 advanced practice Five balls required Pontus Uggla
Sync patterns 3-7 balls - from (6,4)(clap) to (6x, [4x,4])(2,4x)* Three to four balls required Pontus Uggla
Mills Mess - part 1 Basic Pattern Three balls required Pontus Uggla
Mills Mess - part 2 Extensions as Burkes Barrage, body throws etc Mills Mess required Pontus Uggla
Georgan shuffle - learn to create own patterns from simple patterns and bodythrows No requirements - bring 3 balls! Pontus Uggla
Club Swinging - from cross-follow to fountain No requirements - bring 2 clubs - No poi! Pontus Uggla
5+ - Tricks and techniques with more than 5 balls, clubs or rings Requrement: 100 catches with 5 balls Pontus Uggla
3-ball-mania - Lots of three-ball-tricks. We get everyone a problem to work on! Solid three ball required Pontus Uggla
3-club-mania - Lots of three-club-tricks. We get everyone a problem to work on! Solid three clubs required Pontus Uggla
Two-people three-clubs/balls and fun stuff as steals and grabs Beginners Micke and Stefan

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