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The preregistration system is now closed but you can come anyway and pay at the door.

It is natural to wonder is included in the price. The answer is that it will depend on how many people we can get to the convention. Naturally things such as juggling space, sleeping space and shows are included in the price. Before we try to tell you about the other possibilities for stuff that could be included, let us just say that this is not a commercial event. It is as most other juggling conventions - for jugglers by jugglers!

That means that stuff such as helping and volunteering to do different tasks is also included. Even giving workshops is included. Basically we are saying: We all do this together!

Currently included in the convention price

  • Juggling space
  • Sleeping space
  • Open stages
  • Public show
  • Workshops
  • Barbeque evening - Hot dogs and carrots!
  • Convention T-shirt for SEK 40!

Back to the financial side of this then. We have a budget and will try to present the fundamentals below so that you understand how we plan this.
Item Fixed cost Cost per person
Juggling space SEK 21000 -
Materials and fees SEK 8000 -
Public show stage SEK 4000 SEK 25
Sleeping halls - SEK 140
Sums SEK 33000 SEK 165

Sorry to bore you but now you have the basic numbers at least. If you want to you can do some calculations on the numbers. As we see the budget for the moment, we need around 200 participants to be sure to break even.

Of course some last-minute sponsor might come along and offer to pay something specific for us. In that case, the budget will look nicer.

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