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Third letter about the convention
(Tredje brevet om konventet) 

Nordic Juggling Convention 2006
25-28 of May in Jonkoping, Southern Sweden

T E M P U S F U G I T 
(lat: time flies)

* Fill up the seats!
* Practical stuff, as sleeping and such
* The Schedule - so far.......
* The show, the show 
* Call for workshops
* Call for marching band volonteers AMAZING STUFF!
* Call for volonteers
* Read more at our website
* Again - welcome

* Fill up the seats!

It's getting close! It will be great to meet you all! Pack your gear,
wrap up the sleeping-bag and get on the buss, train, bike or whatever
favourite means of transportation and get here!

We still have the registration open at http://fjong.org/prereg and
you can really help us if you register there. Currently we are
to understand what our budget looks like. If you register, you really
us so much to know what we can afford, really.

We also need your last minute help in spreading the word about the
convention and make sure we get a lot of nice people coming! Tell
a friend and forward this letter!

* Practical stuff, as sleeping and such

We'll be at a youth-centre with trainghalls. We'll at least have two
separate halls to use. Perhaps we'll even manage to be outside on the
large grassy area around the building.

Sleeping will occur, for some at some time. It will done at a school
close to the convention centre. You'll have to bring your own
sleeping-bag and mattress. (And toothbrush, soap, favorite teddy
bear... You get the picture.)

There will an absolute ban on drugs of all sorts: So no alcohol at the
convention site or sleeping-halls. Smoking will be permitted outdoors
only. This is not negotionable.

There's a small food-store close to the convention site, and a
pizzeria. Within walking distance there's a big lake. Eh -- and other
restaurants of the fast food-variety. If you take a omnibus, you'll
find several shops and restaurants after a short ride.

* The schedule - so far......

Wednesday - May 24
Arrival day. We open the doors at 16:00.
* Mingling, getting to know eachothers - and meeting old friends!
* Midnight Show?

Thursday - May 25
Day number one - we wake up to the first day of the convention.
* Workshops
* Open Stage

Friday - May 26
Day number two - we now greet day number two
* Workshops
* Public show - mail us if you want to get your act into the show.

Saturday - May 27
Well this is the Saturday - what more shall we say?
* Parade 
* We'll juggle to the Swedish army music band at a large reception in
the city center. 
* Games
* Competitions
* Workshops

Sunday - May 28

This is the last day. It is time to pack up, clean up and go home and
catch some sleep. Before that some last minute juggling?

* Workshops?
* Clean up
* Hugs, kisses and goodbyes

* The show, the show 

We have a bit of a problem since the one that was responsible for our
show no longer can attend the convention. We therefore will appoint 
another contact person for the show very soon. Whoever that will be
will need help with acts etc. So stay tuned and think about what you
could do.

* Call for workshops

Would you like to lead an workshop? Mail us!
Any special workshop you'd lite to attend? Mail us!
Let us know what you want, and we'll try to tailormake this convention
to suit you!
You'll find a current list of workshops at our website:

* Call for marching band volonteers

Call us crazy. Call the Swedish army music band crazy. But they want
to have jugglers in their show for the big Windmusic band festival on
the saturday.

It will be the opening act for a large assembly of wind music bands
from all over the world.  Would you like this - absolutely unique -
opportunity to perform 'music for the eyes'? Then mail us - we have
room for about 30 jugglers. It will probably be an experience for

* Call for volonteers

Yes, we need help to keep this convention working during the four
days. If you want to give some of your time to check people in at the
door, empty wastebaskets etc - then we'll revard your fittingly. (No,
I can't say more - but it will be tokens of our thanks handed out.)

* Read more at our website: http://njc2006.fjong.org/ 

When more information about the convention is available, we'll put it
out on our website..
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