Nordic Juggling Convention 2006

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The Program

This is the planned program as far as we know it for the Nordic Juggling convention 2006. We will keep updating this page as we get more details together in the planning. Naturally, this program will change - you can give proposals for the program in the forum.

Wednesday - May 24

Arrival day. We open the doors at 16:00.

  • Mingling - getting to know eachother and talk to old friends!
  • Midnight Show?

Thursday - May 25

Day number one - we wake up to the first day of the convention.

Friday - May 26

Day number two - we now greet day number two

Saturday - May 27

Well this is the Saturday - what more shall we say?

  • Games
  • Competitions
  • Juggling with marching bands at a big reception in the city center!
  • Workshops
  • Public show

Sunday - May 28

This is the last day. It is time to pack up, clean up and go home and catch some sleep. Before that some last minute juggling?

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