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Fourth letter about the convention

Nordic Juggling Convention 2006
25-28 of May in Jonkoping, Southern Sweden

* Here we go!!!
* How to get to the convention-site
* Practical stuff, as sleeping and such
* Important phone-numbers
* The Schedule - so far...
* Call for volonteers
* Read more at our website: 
* Again - welcome

* Here we go!!!

In a matter of days we'll all meet - it will be great! The
convention-site just begs to get filled with people throwing stuff
around, the sleeping-hall close by has been remodelled to fit you and
your sleeping-bags. The city itself has been prepared to meet you --
the juggler!

We're in the process of choosing the perfect place to have our
barbeque at the great lake of Vättern (second largest in Sweden, if
you care to know).

The schedule contains workshops, outdoor and indoor-acitivites, a
march through the town (we'll get live music from marching bands on
our way), a unique opportunity to juggle in an international
tattoo-session in the center of town and... A whole lot more!!!

* How to get to the convention-site

We'll be at KFUM Ungdomens hus, Rosenlund. Most people in town knows
where this is.


If you arrive at the city-center, central train station, you'll take
omnibus nr 1 (red line). Ask the driver to let you off at Ungdomens

See - no problem! The fare will be around 15 kronor. If you have any
problems - call us (see below).


If you come from Stockholm or Malmö, you'll get of the interstate E4
at Ekhagen, follow signs to Elmia Convention Fair (Elmia mässor och
kongress) --- but not all the way!

It's a bit tricky, but follow these directions closely and you'll get
there: When you get off the interstate and you drive over some
railway-tracks and the road goes parallell with the tracks, you have
to take the next turn left. (It's by the firestation). At the next
large intersection - take left again. And finally at the next
intersection take the left again - you'll see Ungdomens hus by then.

* Practical stuff, as sleeping and such

We'll be at a youth-centre with trainghalls. We'll at least have two
separate halls to use. Perhaps we'll even manage to be outside on the
large grassy area around the building.

There will be a small café open at the site during Wednesday-Friday
with food and drinks.

Sleeping will occur, for some at some time. It will done at a school
close to the convention centre. You'll have to bring your own
sleeping-bag and mattress. (And toothbrush, soap, favorite teddy
bear... You get the picture.)

There will an absolute ban on drugs of all sorts: So no alcohol at the
convention site or sleeping-halls. Smoking will be permitted outdoors
only. This is not negotiable.

There's a small food-store close to the convention site, and a
pizzeria. On walking distance there's a big lake. Eh -- and other
restaurants of the fast food-variety. If you take a omnibus, you'll
find several shops and restaurants after a short ride. See below for
directions to the site.

* Important phone-numbers

During the week (Monday to Sunday) the organizers can be reached on
the following numbers:

070-255 71 25 (Joacim)
070-981 51 52 (Plato)

* The Schedule - so far...
Wednesday - May 24
Arrival day. We'll open the doors at 16:00.
* Mingling, getting to know eachothers - and meeting old friends!
* Midnight Show?

Thursday - May 25
Day number one - we wake up to the first day of the convention.
* Workshops
* Open Stage

Friday - May 26
Day number two - we now greet day number two
* Workshops
* Barbeque-evening at the lake - great oppertunity to play with fire...

Saturday - May 27
Well this is the Saturday - what more shall we say?
* Parade with live music.
* We'll juggle to the Swedish army music band at a large reception in the city center. 
* Games
* Competitions
* Workshops
* Public show - IT WILL BE AN AMAZING SHOW!!

Sunday - May 28

This is the last day. It is time to pack up, clean up and go home and
catch some sleep. Before that some last minute juggling?

* Workshops?
* Clean up
* Hugs, kisses and goodbyes

* Call for volonteers

We still need volonteers to get this convention to work
smoothly. People to man the door, clean up the facilities --- let us
know. Because we will hand out tokens of our thanks. Impress your
friends with these rare collector-items!!!!

* Again - welcome
Soon we'll meet - take care!

The organizers
Great Balls and Fire, Fritidsjonglörerna and Circus Gravikus.

Joacim Mattisson 
mobil 070-255 71 25

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