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Second letter about the convention

Nordic Juggling Convention 2006
25-28 of May in Jonkoping, Southern Sweden

   *  Thanks to all pre-registrators!
   *  The Show is filling up
   *  We challenge you
   *  The schedule - so far......
   *  Call for workshops
   *  Call for volonteers
   *  Read more at our website
   *  Spread the info
   *  Again - welcome

   *  Thank¹s all pre-registrators!

Yes - thank you! Because now we know that you will arrive in
Jönköping in May and so we can plan for your arrival in grand
style. The earlier we know that you jugglers will show up
- the more exciting plans we¹re able to pull of........

So please - pre-register. The earlier you register, the cheaper
it is for you. Why? Because you help us with the planning by
booking early. The current special price runs to end of March
and then we raise it again. Jeez, we sound just like Hästens!

   *  The Show is filling up

The public show is proving to be quite amazing. We have several
acts entered already, live music rock-bands signing up etc etc.
If you would like to participate with an act - let us know as
soon as possible. We are hoping to cast you in a 100-year-old
theatre in the center of Jönköping with an entusiastic audience.

   *  We challenge you

We - the organizers - hereby challenge you - the visitor - in
the noble art of volleyjuggle. At the convention you get the
chance to meet us in a no holds barred match. The winner get
glory and, well, more glory. The loser gets - not much.

So - are you up for the challenge? Mail us so we can set up
a team for you.

   *  The schedule - so far...

This is an early sketch - it may well change.
Do you miss anything? Mail us..
Have an idea what we should do? Mail us.

Wednesday - May 24

Arrival day. We open the doors at 16:00.
    * Mingling, getting to know eachother - and meeting old friends!
    * Midnight Show?

Thursday - May 25
Day number one - we wake up to the first day of the convention.
    * Workshops
    * Open Stage

Friday - May 26
Day number two - we now greet day number two
    * Parade?
    * Workshops
    * Open Stage

Saturday - May 27
Well this is the Saturday - what more shall we say?
    * Games
    * Competitions
    * Juggling with marching bands?
    * Workshops
    * Public show

Sunday - May 28
This is the last day. It is time to pack up, clean up and go
home and catch some sleep. Before that some last minute juggling?
    * Workshops?
    * Clean up
    * Hugs, kisses and goodbyes

   *  Call for workshops

Would you like to lead an workshop? Mail us!
Any special workshop you¹d lite to attend? Mail us!
Let us know what you want, and we¹ll try to tailormake this
convention to suit you!

So far we have the following workshops:
 * Siteswap Theory Beginner
  * Passing Siteswaps Beginner
   * Causal Diagram Theory Beginner
	 * Passing Siteswaps Intermediate
	  * Feeding Siteswaps Intermediate
	   * Warm-up and stretch for Jugglers All / Beginners

   *  Call for volonteers
Yes, we need help to keep this convention working during the
four days. If you want to give some of your time to check
people in at the door, empty wastebaskets etc - then we will
revard your fittingly. (No, we cannot say more - but there
will be tokens of our thanks handed out.)

   *  Read more at our website: http://njc2006.fjong.org/

When more information about the convention is available,
we will put it out on our website.

   *  Spread the info

Of course we want you to spread the info. So if you have any friends
or mail lists that you want to forward this email to - go ahead! It is
certainly not only meant to be read by the originial recipient!

See you in May!

/The Organizers

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