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Getting to Jönköping

Jönköping is quite conveniently located. Some would say it is in the middle of Sweden but luckily that is not quite true. If it had been in the middle of Sweden, it would not have been that conveniently located since the middle of Sweden is rather far away. This is clarified in the map to the right. Jönköping is marked with a red circle and the middle of Sweden is marked with a black circle.

We are not able to provide prices since there are quite a lot of places to travel from and a lot of ways to do it. Check with the company you want to travel with about prices. Especially buses and trains have cheaper prices when you book the travel well in advance. However, you can always give tips to other jugglers in our forum if you find something good.

You can also send us info if you think something is missing!

Getting to the site

Once you are in Jönköping you will of course want to get to the site. Information about that is on the sitepage where you will also find maps and pictures of the site.

By Car

Coming from the north-east, such as Stockholm, you go south on E4. The distance from Stockholm is 330 kms. When you pass Linköping, you have 131 kms left to go.

Coming from the west, such as Göteborg you go east on Route 40. The distance is 149 kms. When you pass Borås, you have 83 kms left to go.

Coming from the south, such as Malmö, you go north on E4. The distance is 293 kms, when you pass Helsingborg, you have 238 kms left to go.

By Bus

Here is a link to Swebus which is a bus travel company that services large parts of Sweden. Swebus

By Train

Trains in Sweden are run by SJ, among others. Here is a link to SJ

By Plane

There is actually an airport in Jönköping. There are daily connections Jönköping-Stockholm and Jönköping-Copenhagen

The trafic into the Gothenburg airport is a bit more intense. Its routes are listed here.

Map of Sweden
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